Every Friday night we have family movie night. During the month of October we choose to watch Halloween themed movies. Here are some of our favorites.

Hereditary (Not Prime):

Hereditary (Prime):

Hocus Pocus (Not Prime):

Hocus Pocus (Prime):

Edward Sissorhands (Not Prime):

Edward Sissorhands (Prime):

Practical Magic (Not Prime):

Practical Magic (Prime):

Addams Family (Not Prime):

Addams Family (Prime):

Addams Family 2 (Not Prime):

Addams Family 2 (Prime):

Hotel Transylvania 1-3 (Not Prime):

Hotel Transylvania (Prime):

Hotel Transylvania 2 (Prime):

Hotel Transylvania 3 (Prime):

Hotel Transylvania 4 (Prime):

Icabod & Mr. Toad (Not Prime):

Icabod & Mr. Toad (Prime):

Casper (Not Prime):

Casper (Prime):

Halloweentown 1&2 (Not Prime):

Halloweentown (Prime):

Halloweentown 2 (Prime):

Halloweentown High (Not Prime):

Halloweentown High (Prime):

Return to Halloweentown (Not Prime):

Return to Halloweentown (Prime):

Tim Burton Movies:

Nightmare Before Christmas (Not Prime):

Nightmare Before Christmas (Prime):

Corpse Bride (Not Prime):

Corpse Bride (Prime):

Frankenweenie (Not Prime):

Frankenweenie (Prime):

Coraline (Not Prime):

Coraline (Prime):

James and the Giant Peach (Not Prime):

James and the Giant Peach (Prime):

Beetlejuice (Not Prime):

Beetlejuice (Prime):

9 (Not Prime):

9 (Prime):

Harry Potter1-7 (Not Prime):

Harry Potter 1 (Prime):

Harry Potter 2 (Prime):

Harry Potter 3 (Prime):

Harry Potter 4 (Prime):

Harry Potter 5 (Prime):

Harry Potter 6 (Prime):

Harry Potter 7 part 1 (Prime):

Harry Potter 7 part 2 (Prime):

Fantastic Beasts 1-3 (Not Prime):

Fantastic Beasts 1 (Prime):

Fantastic Beasts 2 (Prime):

Fantastic Beasts 3 (Prime):

Lord of the Rings 1-3 (Not Prime):

Lord of the Rings 1 (Prime):

Lord of the Rings 2 (Prime):

Lord of the Rings 3 (Prime):

Hobbit 1-3 (Not Prime):

Hobbit 1 (Prime):

Hobbit 2 (Prime):

Hobbit 3 (Prime):

The Uninvited (Not Prime):

The Uninvited (Prime):

Amusement (Not Prime):

Amusement (Prime):

Silence of the Lambs (Not Prime):

Silence of the Lambs (Prime):

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