Happy Halloween 2022

Hey Y’all! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. We have some Halloween season traditions that I wanted to share.

Tradition 1: Decorate the house.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, expensive, or extravagant. Just make your home feel a little more festive by throwing up some of the $1 spiderwebs and a package of paper bats. It’s simple, fun, and your kids will love it.

Tradition 2: Watch Halloween movies.

We have family movie night every Friday. During the month of October we try to focus our movie efforts on Halloween themed movies.

Tradition 3: Attend a fall festival.

Most communities offer some sort of free fall/Halloween season festival. Our community puts on a fall festival with a hay maze, a hay ride (that becomes haunted after dark), a costume contest, bounce house, and much more. The kids always have a great time and it’s just something simple that we can do as a family without spending an arm and a leg.

Tradition 4: Community Trick-Or-Treat & Trunk-Or-Treat.

Our community has a trick-or-treat on the square that the library puts together on the Monday before Halloween. This year we were able to attend.

All of the surrounding communities have some sort of trunk-or-treat option. The one in our local community was absolutely packed. It’s a fun, safe option to take your kids to.

I know in larger communities a lot of times the different schools and churches will put together trunk-or-treat events.

Tradition 5: Normal Trick-or-Treating.

We live in the country where walking from house to house to trick-or-treat isn’t a great option. So, we jump into the car and drive our kids around to less than 10 houses (where we get bags of goodies rather than one piece of candy).

Tradition 6: Corn Maze

One of the neighboring towns has a corn maze. They also have lots of other family friendly activities there. We usually try to take the kids there on an afternoon but once they get older we’ll try to go on at night when they have the haunted corn maze.

Tradition 7: Pumpkin Carving

This is one that we haven’t actually started yet; but that we are looking forward to. Our kids are a little young but I think next year we will try carving pumpkins as a family.

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