My Favorite Amazon Clothing Finds

I have a pretty minimal wardrobe but I do have a few things that I really love and that I wanted to share.

I have a go to cardigan that I loved so much I bought it in 4 different colors (and would willingly buy it in more colors).


There is one style of shirt which I continually. It is my favorite fit and style. I own this one in multiple colors and patterns.


Upon simplifying my wardrobe I decided to simplify my socks by purchasing all of the same socks. I found my favorite sock and now these are all I will buy


These underwear really just started out as an experiment because the quality of the underwear I had been previously buying had gone down hill. Now these are the only style of underwear I buy.


I really enjoy athletic pants. Any who doesn’t like options as to whether they’re shorter or longer. Here are my favorite athletic pant/shorts.

Pant Leggings:

Capri Leggings:

Bike Shorts:

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