My First Day Of School


For those of you who don’t know, we have two little boys that are about a year apart in age.

My oldest, Carter, started school this year.

The anxiety.

I had been having anxiety for about a month leading up to the first day.

What if he gets bullied?

What if a teacher or student makes him feel unintelligent?

What if others don’t have patience or understand how to communicate with him?

Carter is an extremely kind little boy.

He has so much empathy.

He also shuts down.

He shuts down if you yell at him.

He shuts down if you make him feel like he isn’t doing a good enough job.

We’d been hyping it up.

Carter has been so excited.

We’ve been talking to him about school since his birthday in May so that he would be prepared and not scared.

I got him a cool backpack and fun water bottle.

He got new school shoes that he was excited to wear.

He went to his pre-k screening and then a second “screening” to get a little more familiar with the teacher.

The night before we went to the back-to-school night. They had music and balloons and fun decorations.

We dropped off our supplies, met our classmates, and afterwards we went home and had ice cream to celebrate.

First day of school.

The next day he got up bright and early.

He got himself up and dressed.

He ate some breakfast.

He filled up his water bottle.

He brushed his teeth.

I brushed his hair.

He was ready to go at 6:30

After we dropped off Forrest we went to the school. I walked him in the front door and…. That dang kid was so excited that he let go of my hand and ran right in without me. No hug, no nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud.

I am proud that he is so independent and didn’t cry.

I am excited that he is excited.

I know he’s in good hands.

I was just nervous.


I’m not saying everyone has the same experience.

However, sometimes it’s nice to hear someone else’s experience to let you know that you aren’t alone.

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